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The Carousel Carving and Custom Carving work shop has been in business since 1985.  Since that time we have created hundreds of quality works for our satisfied customers.  Many of the carvings created here are on display in customer's homes as well as on operating carousels. 

My most recent commission was for 26 animals for the Eldridge Park Carousel in Elmira, N.Y.  This Carousel was once privately-owned with original Carmel, Loof , and Dentzel animals.  However, the Carousel was sold at auction in 1989.  Town-interest in bringing a carousel back-into-being spawned the Eldridge Park Carousel Preservation Society (EPCPS) whose energetic plans were to replace all of the animals of the 56-figure carousel.  In 2003, it was an honor to have been asked to carve and paint all 20 of the outside-row figures (18 horses, 1 lion, and 1 tiger) for them.  Six other animals we carved and painted are also on the middle and inner rows (4 horses, 1 lion, and 1 goat).  It's Grand Opening was held on May 27, 2006.  If you would like to see Elmira's Eldridge Park carousel, visit their website at

To see some more of the carvings created here at The Carousel Carving and Custom Carving Workshop, please click here, carving, or go to the "carving" link above.

We also have a great carving book and a two hour DVD for sale on how to carve and paint a Carousel Horse.  Please click here, books and dvd's or go to the "books and dvd's" link above.